Darton Lane Residential Development

The consultants acting for the Church Commissioners, who own this land, have issued revised plans to the council.
There is much opposition to the original plans which the council are well aware of. 
If you are also concerned please click on the button to go to the Barnsley Council planning page where you can view the details and leave a comment.

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Alternatively you can email your objection to [email protected]

You can also express your opposition to this development to Dan Jarvis MP. He can be contacted by email at [email protected]
If you wish to discuss the proposals please contact me at [email protected] or 07730 679270

If you wish to be kept informed of the developments with this proposal then please email to let me know, Thanks
Steve Hunt 

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The council’s planning department had two main concerns with the original plans:-

• Loss of the ecological habitat
• The position of the access roads onto the site and the layout

The revised plans were issued in response to those concerns.
There is a reduction of 5 houses from 73 to 68.
1.56 acres of grassland of ecological value to the west of the site is to be retained. This is at the expense of other land with a similar size in other areas of the site that was to be retained in the original proposal.
The main access road onto the site remains in the middle of two junctions on the opposite side of the road. There are now three private driveways from Darton Lane onto the site at its eastern end. Previously there were two driveways. The location of these driveways is now closer to the junction with Pye Avenue.
There was a fatal accident at this junction in 2012 and a serious incident here in 2002.

I am surprised and concerned that a revised plan has been put forward that is a greater risk to road safety.

I opposed the original planning application and will be opposing this revised proposal too.
There are many reasons why I believe this development will adversely impact the area including:-

• Loss of green space and much of a haven for wildlife will be destroyed
• Concerns over increasing the number of flooding events
• Risk of accidents. The development will make Darton Lane less safe for traffic and pedestrians. I already get many people contacting me about speeding traffic on Darton Lane.
• Loss of heritage. This land has been grazed by horses for decades. Its where the pit ponies used to go on their summer holidays.
• Increasing the pressure on our already stretched roads, schools and GP surgeries.