Smithywood Lane 1642

It is important that residents let their views be known about any concerns around this development.
You can do this as part of the formal planning consultation by viewing the #1642 plans on the Barnsley Council Planning Explorer 

View 1642 Planning Page
If you scroll down the page there are a total of 47 documents but the following 3 documents will be particularly informative.
Planning layout.
Design and access statement.
Planning case report.
The deadline for comments is the end of January

Please email your comments to [email protected] 

You can also discuss with us any concerns you have about this matter.
Please contact us using the details below 

Peter Fielding: 07810 638119 [email protected]
Chris Wray: 07585 888704 [email protected]

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A planning application for almost 200 new houses off Smithywood Lane has been submitted to Barnsley Council by Avant Homes.

Under the Local Plan adopted by Barnsley’s Labour Councillors in 2019, three large sites in Dodworth and Gilroyd were set aside for new housing – the 2 off Smithywood Lane which are the subject of this current application and a further one adjacent to the M1, north of Keresforth Road for 175 houses.

Because these sites are in the Local Plan, it is highly unlikely that the Council will now refuse planning permission as long as the applications meet the requirements set out in the local plan and other local planning policies.
We are already aware that this application does not comply with the Local Plan in that it does not propose to upgrade a section of Smithywood Lane to use as access to the new houses.
Instead, access to the larger development area of 144 houses is proposed to come entirely from the Calver Close cul-de-sac.