Coniston Ave 1661

It is important that residents let their views be known about any concerns around this development.
You can do this as part of the formal planning consultation by viewing the #1661 plans on the Barnsley Council Planning Explorer 

View Coniston 1661 Planning Page

Please email your comments to [email protected] 

 You can also discuss with us any concerns you have about this matter.

Steve Hunt: 07730 679270 [email protected]
Dickie Denton: 07340 680285 [email protected]

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A planning application to build 53 new houses on the land behind Coniston Road
This application that will significantly impact the area has been submitted to Barnsley Council. 
There is still time to fight this and to make your opinions and concerns known to the Council members who will be responsible for the final approval. 
Last year we were successful in significantly reducing the impact of the Darton Lane development and reducing the scale of the build by making our voices heard in the Town Hall.