Petition rejected by Barnsley Council after 18 seconds consideration

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Before the pandemic, Richard and Steve, after consulting with residents, handed in a petition with almost 300 of your names on it.
It was to extend the 30mph limit on Staincross Common to the full length of this road and for it to be further extended along Windhill Lane as far as the brow of the hill by Windhill Gate Farm.

This was to improve  safety for residents of Staincross Common crossing the road and for motorists at the junction of this stretch of road with Warren Lane and Sackup Lane.
To improve safety for residents of Windhill Lane in crossing the road to use the layby opposite their properties.
To improve safety for the residents of Windhill Gate Farm and safety for horses and riders using the stables opposite Windhill Gate Farm to cross the road.

Barnsley council held a cabinet meeting on the 10th June in which they have rejected the petition after considering it for 18 seconds.

Richard received a letter from the council advising the reasons behind its rejection. The letter is full of inaccuracies and inconsistencies and Richard has written back to the council department responsible with several questions.

The letter from the Council refers to a petition received on 19th December 2019.
Richard submitted ours on 20th March 2020. Steve and Richard were still consulting with residents in 2019.
So we don't even know if they are looking at the right document.

It does not reference the specific concerns raised by residents in the petition. (e.g. Sackup Lane/Warren Lane junction, safety of residents, horses and riders around Windhill Gate Farm).
Indeed the content of their letter suggests that members of the department may not have actually visited the location in question since receipt of the petition or conducted any recent speed surveys at this location in the past two years.

This is the councils letter

and here is Richards response

Following the story featuring in social media and the Barnsley Chronicle Richard received a letter advising that the Traffic team will now be undertaking a speed survey, possibly in September.
While this does not address our other points, it is a step in the right direction.  
Barnsley council however are unhappy with Steve responding to his residents wishes with Cllr Howard (Labour) offering help to anyone who needs it in saying no to residents as they have experience of this.

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