Labour Councillor refuses to answer questions about Park

Coun Roy Miller refused to answer questions on the council’s proposed £4.3m scheme for Dodworth Road and chiefly the future of Penny Pie Park - the popular greenspace which would be carved up to make way for the new carriageway - at last week’s full council meeting.
Barnsley Chronicle

Coun Hannah Kitching told the Chronicle she had submitted a number of questions ahead of the meeting on the behalf of campaigners but was told that two of them would not be accepted as they concerned a ‘live planning application’.

Coun Kitching said: “Both Coun Miller and Coun Sir Steve Houghton have already spoken on this matter publicly, giving statements, speaking to the press and emailing constituents.

“At the meeting itself Coun Miller actually refused to answer any of my questions, saying that he had had insufficient time to prepare despite them having been submitted well before the agreed deadline.

“It is very clear to me that this is an attempt to block discussion and debate on a matter which is already proving toxic for this administration.

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