Dickie Denton

My name is Dickie Denton and I am proud to be standing for election as one of your Darton East councillors.
I have always held an interest in local government and the communities in which I have lived and I am excited at the prospect of working alongside the residents of our area to improve the services and the quality of life in the spaces we share.

So let me tell you about myself.

I was brought up in Yorkshire but spent most of my life working away. I have held senior management roles in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, America and Canada.
As a proven business leader I hope that I can bring some of this experience to the Town Hall to challenge and develop the council’s plans for the town. Throughout my career I have been known as a passionate advocate for the causes that I promote and with a reputation for getting things done.

I moved to Darton 3 years ago in order to be closer to my elderly parents and really enjoy living here. Since moving into the area I have been active in many community groups from the Police and Community Trust to Greenspace and Voice for Darton.
I have led campaigns to control the expansion of housing developments that are turning our villages and wildlife into urban conurbations and I have been vocal in raising issues around our roads, be it speeding, inappropriate access or the quality of the surfaces.

I am married to Yvonne, a regulatory manager who is also passionate about our area. We have a dog, Pepper, who came from the rescue and you may have seen us walking around Darton Lane on most days.
I love the outdoors and watching sports, I'm such a big football fan that I actually wrote a book about it.
I used to run marathons but know settle for golf. 

Please reach out to me if you would like to know anymore about the man who is asking you for your support and your vote. 

Thanks, Dickie Denton

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