Barnsley Hospital Gridlock

Parking at Barnsley General Hospital is broken
We want to make it better and we would like to get support and suggestions from the public.

We have a survey here so you can tell us what you think needs to be done

We think a park and ride scheme similar to Doncaster Infirmary could be the cheapest and quickest solution.  Doncaster Infirmary has a 50p park and ride scheme from the big car park at the Racecourse.
Lib Dem Cllr Peter Fielding chaired a cross party scrutiny group looking at air quality in Barnsley which among other things recommended a park and ride scheme for the hospital. In response, the Council has agreed to carry out a viability study into such a scheme. This is a step in the right direction but we want to see the scheme come to fruition so we need to keep up the pressure.
We have a petition here to show the strength of support for this, please take a moment to add your name.

Congestion and parking around Barnsley Hospital has been a nightmare for a while.
Its difficult for staff, Ambulances, local residents, visitors and outpatients.  It causes missed or late outpatient appointments due to not being able to park on time. It causes extra air pollution right next to a hospital.
The hospital site only has capacity for parking for about half of its staff, and there is insufficient capacity to cope with patient and visitor parking demand. There is hostility between hospital users and residents.
We want to make it better and we would like to get support and suggestions from the public.

Barnsley's Labour Council has a new Transport Strategy and Lib Dem Transport spokesman cllr Steve Hunt says
“The broad objectives contained within the strategy are to be applauded - we support them in principle. Indeed many of these ideas are suggestions are ones we have put forward previously but have been voted down by the council - despite them clearly fitting with this important agenda. In particular there are ongoing problems associated with parking and congestion at and near Barnsley Hospital. Some of these issues relate to people that work at the hospital and choose to park there due to the lack of practical alternatives. The strategy needs to include a plan to have an off-site park and ride to reduce congestion and emissions near this setting." 
Reported here in the Chronicle 

There is a huge swathe of land allocated to the MU1 housing and industrial development project in the council’s local plan blueprint, from Pogmoor to Barugh Green. We think that a small piece of this land would make a good location for a Park and Ride, close to J37 and should be considered.

Please take a look at the survey, tell us what you think about our suggestions and give us your ideas too. 
For instance a gentleman wrote into the Chronicle to suggest moving the bus stop outside the hospital further down the road so that the bus bay could be extended and made into a filter lane for the hospital entrance to ease traffic flow on Gawber rd. Sounds like a relatively easy improvement

Also a Labour cllr has suggested building a brand new hospital out of town !  - does he have access to a few million pounds we were not aware of :-)
So please take a moment to give us your views -  It's just a few questions and will only take you five minutes.

We can then campaign on your behalf based on your responses, and if you leave your email address we will let you know about the progress.