Mask Information

Thank you for taking our survey,  It will help us get a better idea about feelings in Barnsley and often your responses will shape our local campaigns.

When the virus first struck back in March 2020 Barnsley survived relatively lightly but since then the town has suffered considerably, has often been at or near the top of infection tables and has the the highest death rate of all towns and cities for the 18 months of the pandemic.

The Liberal Democrats asked the Government to keep masks mandatory on public transport back in July saying - 
 “Many people, especially the vulnerable, do not yet feel confident enough to travel on crowded public transport. Keeping masks mandatory on public transport which can often become overcrowded is the right thing to do. We have all made tough sacrifices throughout this pandemic, and asking people to wear masks on public transport a little while longer to protect others, is a small price worth paying."

Once again thank you for completing the survey and if you have left your email address we will let you know the results. If you are still in the mood for answering questions we have another survey available, This one is to get your view of how climate change might affect Barnsley, and you can find it here

Thanks very much.
Barnsley LibDems