Road Safety in Darton , Mapplewell & Staincross

Let’s take action BEFORE there is a serious injury or worse.

We get more calls about road safety on our village roads than for anything else. Our roads are getting busier and traffic is getting faster.
Cllr Steve Hunt has repeatedly taken these inquiries to the Council but so far he is being told that due to limited financial resources action will only be taken where there has been a history of serious incidents.
We find it unacceptable that there would need to be a serious injury or even worse a fatality BEFORE action is taken here in Darton East Ward.

We are looking at different problems such as speeding and obstruction on different roads across the ward and asking for your input.
If you have any views on this issue can you email myself at

Currently we have a petition for a 30 mph limit on Staincross Common here