Sandwiches before services

Coun Hannah KitchingThe Lib Dem group on Barnsley Council asked a series of questions about the Labour run councils spending on hospitality, flights and hotel bills when the full council met, with answers provided showing a total spend of just under £1.5m.
Barnsley Chronicle

This is much more than equivalent figures for Sheffield City Council which add up to £1.15m and although the larger authority spent more on hotels and flights, its £676,000 bill for internal and external hospitality was overshadowed by Barnsley’s bill of around £1.28m.

That cost was defended as ‘reasonable’ by cabinet spokesman Coun Alan Gardiner when the Barnsley figures were announced. 

However, the Lib Dems have set the cost against spending in Sheffield and group leader Coun Hannah Kitching said: “As stand-alone figures Barnsley Council’s spending on hospitality and catering is pretty shocking. But when viewed in comparison with Sheffield City’s spending it is absolutely indefensible.

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