MU1 Consultation

Barnsley Liberal Democrats have always opposed the concept of MU1 and were the only party to vote against Labour’s plans for this huge development.
We know that the MU1 development is highly likely to go ahead but many aspects of the proposals are causing great concern to residents, and it is vital that these concerns are properly heard to protect the community and give you a voice.

We recently delivered a survey seeking residents views concerning the MU1 development. This was in response to the community consultation done by Pegasus in May 2021.We distributed to homes in the vicinity of MU1 as well as promoting an online version. A total of 93 survey forms were returned by post or email and 49 online questionnaires were completed, making a total of 142 returns.

We are writing to you with the results as you provided an email address to enable us to do so. In line with our promise to keep you informed, there is a summary of the results below 
and you can find the full report here. 

The most frequently expressed concerns were-

• Reference to the redesignation of green belt land or loss of green space. 61 respondents
• Concerns about increased traffic congestion due to the development. 44 respondents
• Loss of wildlife and habitat. 37 respondents
• Increased air pollution due to the developments. 31 respondents
• Inability of the current or new infrastructure to cope with the strain due to the development. 23 respondents
• Increased noise in the area during the construction and operational phase. 20 respondents
• Pressure on local health provision and lack of new provision. 16 respondents
• Too many houses are being built in the area. 16 respondents
• The plans to place 3 storey houses adjacent to bungalows. 14 respondents
• Changes to village identity and general urban sprawl. 14 respondents
• Concerns about flooding caused by the development. 13 respondents
• Too many large, industrial ‘sheds’ which may not be needed. 11 respondents
• Inadequate capacity in local schools, including secondary schools. 10 respondents
• The long period of disruption to be caused by the construction phase. 10 respondents
• The adverse effect on the mental health and well being of residents. 9 respondents

The full report can be found here. 

We will now use these results to inform how we respond to the forthcoming planning applications in relation to MU1. Thank you for responding and helping us to represent our communities’ views.

Councillor Peter Fielding, Councillor Chris Wray, July 2021

Finally this is just one comment from our consultation which really impressed on us the human impact of decisions such as these.

I came to live here in 1978 when I got married. The house was chosen because of the green belt and footpath through the fields. I have usually always had dogs and adore wildlife. I love the hedgerows as they hold such a lot of birds, rodents and insects which we need for the planet.
I am hoping to get another dog when I retire next year at 66 years old. If they build on there all my dreams will be shattered as it will be hard for me to have a dog. I have waited and not had my house done up which needs sorting from top to bottom so I can do it in my retirement. It looks like all my aims and dreams are finished if they build.
I have a beautiful view from my bedroom windows over the fields – it lifts you in a morning – if I have to look at a development it will make me want to leave the home I thought I would die in. At my age and fitness it would be very hard to leave. Probably to somewhere smaller and having to get rid of furniture and things I love. It will probably shorten my life – the stress and strain will be too much – instead of expecting time to sort out the garden when I retire and be able to sit and rest when my back needs it.
Those views meant something years ago when a home had a rateable value – I questioned why my rateable value was higher than the same house elsewhere and was told by Barnsley Council it was because I had a view from my bedroom.
There will no longer be the lovely views and the lovely walk down the footpath or wildlife to enjoy. If they build, what about all the extra dust making my eyes and nose stream. We are used to a quiet street so the noise will get on peoples nerves. As you can see, I am very worried about all of this and what quality of life I will have after working for 50 years.
Sorry this is so long but this is the first time I can tell anyone what all this is doing to me as I am on my own.


*     *     *


* Barnsley West Consortium (Pegasus) have conducted a consultation about their forthcoming planning applications for the first stage of their development of the MU1 site.
As you are likely aware, this consultation is the developer’s initiative, and they will use the results to support their forthcoming planning applications. 
Essentially, it is up to them how they report your views to the Council and it is also not clear how your comments will be made available to the Council, your Councillors, or the Community.
We don’t think that this is acceptable which is why we carried out our own consultation