Local Liberal Democrats are fighting all year round to bring improvements to Barnsley and Penistone.

Our current campaigns are:

Darton Lane outside the Primary School was an issue that came up many times as a problem as a combination of the bend in the road, the narrow causeway and the busy school. I have put together a petition here to ask the council to reduce the speed limit to 20mph outside the school.
20mph limits are quite common now across the country and it seems like a common sense and straight forward way to make this a safer area.

Paddock Road was an area that came up time and again as a problem with it being used a high speed short cut by motorists cutting out the crossroads at the Turnpike garage.
I have put together a petition here to ask the council to look into this issue to implement some form of speed or traffic controls.
The situation on this road is likely to deteriorate if the proposed 1000 house development goes ahead on Lee Lane.

Carr Green Lane has been raised by many residents and our local neighbourhood policing team are also worried.
The problem is in relation to the bend up the hill from the new housing development.
A combination of increased traffic volumes and resident vehicles parked around the bend are causing the problem. We have heard of accidents and near misses in the location.
We are calling on the council to visit the location and put in place measures to make the situation safer for motorists and residents.
I am asking you to support our petition for road safety improvements on Carr Green Lane which I will submit to Barnsley Council.

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Staincross Common: Extend the 30mph speed limit to Windhill Lane.
Supported by 300 residents but rejected a cabinet meeting for 17 seconds.
However we have now convinced the council to conduct a speed survey so this campaign is very much still alive.



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Request Barnsley Council to start Full Council meetings again (Video Conference) to enable proper scrutiny and democracy.

Elsewhere in the country some authorities have a full calendar of video meetings re-established now.
Our Labour council has rejected using Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 
But neighbouring Rotherham, for instance uses Microsoft Teams technology and Zoom is used by Parliament and South Yorkshire Metro Mayor Dan Jarvis and many Schools.
Now our 4 councillors along with Cllr Lodge have each submitted a Councillor’s Call For Action - a rarely used device which enables any councillor to ask for their authority’s actions to be scrutinised.
This is the last option available to try to get meetings restored, with the hope that a full council meeting could take place in July.
Full details are here