MU1 Consultation

Barnsley Liberal Democrats have always opposed the concept of MU1 and were the only party to vote against Labour’s plans for this huge development.
We are now carrying out our own consultation on the first stage of Barnsley West Consortium (Pegasus) development of the MU1 site.
We can then accurately represent our communities’ views during the planning process. 

We know that the MU1 development is highly likely to go ahead but many aspects of the proposals are causing great concern to residents, and it is vital that these concerns are properly heard to protect the community and give you a voice.
It’s not too late to shape the development in the best interests of the community we represent and to fight to minimise the harm that this development could cause.

Please click on the survey button and take a moment to tell us about your views.
It's just a few questions and will only take you five minutes.
We can then campaign on your behalf based on your responses.


** Barnsley West Consortium (Pegasus) have conducted a consultation about their forthcoming planning applications for the first stage of their development of the MU1 site.
As you are likely aware, this consultation is the developer’s initiative, and they will use the results to support their forthcoming planning applications. 
Essentially, it is up to them how they report your views to the Council and it is also not clear how your comments will be made available to the Council, your Councillors, or the Community.
We don’t think that this is acceptable which is why we are carrying out our own consultation

Thanks very much.
Barnsley LibDems