import export process
For small quantities use connect quick form and then do an export (name, email,  email approve, address1, postcode,city) and import to NB.

Larger quantities
From paper or from Typeform >pick up VAN ID from Excel matcher > import to connect (with unmatched VAN either manually use quick form as above or just put the name and email in NB)
> minivan list to add Voting Intention > and then do an export (name, email,  email approve, address1, postcode,city) and import to NB.

From NB Petition(if its outside our 3 wards its too hard to VAN match if the system doesnt auto do it) >  export from NB ( pick up VAN ID from Excel matcher if they dont have them) > import to connect with a question or tag.


italian tongue is West Royston

uploading postal vote list from electoral services (AV)

Prepare your file for uploading > For loading a postal file you need only 2 columns, Polling District  and polling number so if its up to date and in csv format then all you have to do use excel to reduce it to just 2 columns, polling district and polling number. take off the row headers at the top. If its a pdf then you have an extra job of getting it into csv format. if its out of date and you dont want to get a current one then you are going to have to do some matching with Van ID's to make sure you are working on the right people.

* run bulk uploads > upload a new file 
check the settings are right, usually tick mapping template as none  and "First row contains column header information" as unticked. tick the advanced box and then find and upload your prepared .csv file.
At the mapping part you map twice, once for the polling number and then again for postal proxy..>>

Polling Number > set local authority to barnsley (or whatever) and set the 2 column choices to the poll district and poll number correctly"  > next.
Do this process again this time selecting "Apply Postal/Proxy vote data".
And  ignore all the options except right at the bottom "Ballot Type Name" select perm postal
if it looks right click finish. You will now be switched to a batch screen, after a minute or so you will see a prompt to approve your batch > do it.
It will now show you any mismatched records, possibly faults with the supplied file or other errors, if its a low number just accept it. 

Marked Register Update for Postal Voters
Using Polling numbers isnt sufficient. You have to get the VAN ID.
Get the excel sheet from electoral services, strip it down to just the people who voted, the ones with a 'Y'. You only need the polling district and polling number column. Upload this to connect. Map once with PD and PN and then again as a saved list.
Once its processesed go get the list in connect, it will now have matched Van ID. download this list.
Now strip this list down in excel, all you really need is VAN ID.
Upload back up to connect again. This time map the "VAN ID" from the drop-down and then choose  "apply voting history." A text box will appear with a pen inside it. Type in the year of the election you are updating. You will get a choice of elections appear. Choose the correct one and click the Select button.

Marked Register Upload for On The Day Polling Station Voters
Get a ward sized file from the advanced bit of connect (xl file, maybe re save it as csv tho) and upload it along with your electoral services PDF to REGISTR



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